As a communications contractor, Bandercom specializes in confined area and in-building coverage and other challenging operating areas. With our modern solutions, the range of many wireless systems can be extended to cover indoor spaces where the signal is often weak otherwise, if it exists at all. Our solid expertise ensures a functional comprehensive solution with frequencies ranging from currents close direct current to up to several gigahertz. This guarantees excellent coverage with several systems, such as:

  • VIRVE public authority network
  • DMR ja dPMR
  • Wifi / WLAN
  • 4G/LTE
  • Broadcasting /VHF FM

Our service solutions consists of following sectors:

In-building coverage services step-by-step from business point of view:

Preliminary planning and planning phase

Starting collaboration with an expert at an early stage helps make a plan that is precise enough already at the beginning enables seamless integration of system installation and construction work. Careful planning saves time and money.

Bandercom offers assistance with any coverage solution

As soon as you contact our sales team, our experts prepare a preliminary plan on the basis of the assignment. After this, a bidding process for contractors and equipment suppliers can be organized. Under the Rescue Act (379/2011), the coverage of the VIRVE public authority network must be verified and indoor coverage must be extended, when necessary for certain facilities, such as shopping centers and parking structures.

We have special expertise in these operations.

Performing a worksite survey and work plan

At the first stage, we inspect the physical structures on site and consider the options available. After this, the observations are documented and a detailed report is prepared. Consultation with RF experts and project managers is a central part of this survey and planning stage. At the second phase, we prepare a predictive RF model to serve as the foundation for any further analyses.

Bandercom’s survey and planning services include the following activities:

a) Onsite RF analysis

Our comprehensive onsite RF analysis provides the client with all the information required for a proposal for further measures.

The analysis is carried out with a test transmitter and signal strength measurement tools. The site’s RF characteristics are then either confirmed or, when necessary, adjustments are made to the predictive RF model prepared earlier. In addition, we perform a basic RF spectrum analyzer sweep to identify any sources of RF interference, enabling us to rectify the situation before it can cause problems in production 

b) Site assessment and installation planning

We photograph and document all the cable runs, inlets and proposed installation locations for base station equipment, repeaters and antennas in line with the client’s specifications and the applicable safety and regulatory requirements. Whenever required, we also prepare a complete set of detailed installation instructions.

Installation phase

Installation services

Bandercom offers installation services as partial deliveries or complete packages, as agreed with the client.

Personnel services

Our qualified and service-oriented in-building coverage experts are on hand to see the projects through from start to finish:

Supervision services

Our worksite management services include the following tasks: supervising installation during work hours, keeping documentation up to date, preparing draft and sketch documents, training the workforce, preparing documents, offering consultation and participating in meetings for worksite and project staff.

Post-installation phase

Deployment services

With their strong expertise, our staff can offer all commissioning services related to RF repeaters and base stations.  Bandercom has the know-how required to perform commissioning of a wide range of systems, from fire station command centers to underground facilities, complete with the required documentation.

Verification and commissioning services

This service is intended for the owner of the system, the client or the end user or alternatively for the project management team. A professionally performed verification service also provides contractors with valuable information on the quality of the work.

Our deployment services include the following tasks:

a) RF coverage and signal strength measurements

Onsite RF tests (RF signal strength, bit error rate and multipath phenomena) are carried out as walk-through measurements. The areas in which the required standard is not met are highlighted and overall signal levels are marked on the plans.

b) Verification of network services

In addition to coverage measurements, tests that investigate system and network functions are essential. In the case of the VIRVE system, these include testing direct and group call functions and circuit-switched calls, status messages and data applications in line with the VIRVE requirements. For other systems, the content of the verification service is determined on the basis of the client’s requirements.