Rescue services and police

Our solutions for public safety services consist of products and systems that are well-suited to the purpose and support the appropriate and efficient use of radio phones and other communication equipment - and they also help save lives. Our state-of-the-art solutions are customized to meet the requirements set by challenging and varied communication environments.

The Defense Forces and the Border Guard

The bespoke solutions we supply to the Finnish Defense Forces and the Border Guard lend themselves to efficient management operations and range from network-centric systems to nearfield terminals and systems operating over a variety of frequencies. We also have expertise in radio-over-IP and interoperability solutions used to connect different network types to one another.

Our public authority solutions include:

  • TETRA/VIRVE terminals, DMO gateways, repeaters and modems
  • audio system accessories, tactical headsets, covert communication devices and other special products
  • VHF and UHF radio systems and related accessories for operations in which no delay is tolerated
  • special accessories (such as HAZMAT and ATEX)
  • interoperability solutions for external systems (such as prison VHF)
  • mobile command centers and backup network systems (mobile TETRA network)
  • alarm transfer systems
  • satellite backbone devices

Maritime solutions

Our maritime solutions are suitable for the Finnish Maritime Administration, the Coast Guard and the Defence Forces along with the private sector, including fishing, trade and cruise ships, and off-shore rigs.

  • services
  • on-board communication systems
  • systems for coastal stations and ports
  • VTS radio systems
  • GSM terminals
  • GSM phone systems
  • UHF onboard radio phone systems
  • DECT phone systems
  • VHF/MF/HF maritime radio phone systems
  • WLAN systems
  • joint operation systems